Bud’s Beard Oil is named after my dad, Bud -- a Navy Vet. When I was little, he took me everywhere -- Daddy’s girl. I went with him to get his haircut every two weeks like clockwork to stay sharp. That barbershop was a magical place to me -- a rite of passage where I figured out early what I wanted to do. I loved it so much I promised that one day too, I would have my own barbershop.


More than just hair. My full-service barbershop offers an exclusive, custom-tailored experience for your hair and your beard. Get it shampooed shaped, groomed, trimmed and oiled complete with a straight-razor shave followed by a hot-towel treatment that’s finished with a scalp and facial massage.

If you’re not sure about what suits you, Bud’s Beard will get you there with a look and scent that is strictly you. It’s our promise to keep you smelling good and keeping those close to you happy with a custom scent that’s you. We create our own all-natural artisan oils that are preservative free.


So you’ve decided to man-up and grow a beard? Maybe you need a second opinion and she compares your scruffiness to your hunting dog? Stick to your guns -- don’t wuss out. She’ll appreciate you in the long run. After all, you ain’t broke -- don’t let her try to change you. So put that Sawz-all away and let’s book an appointment.

We can finding a subtle, smooth scent that says, “hey, this is you,” that’ll give her good vibes. She’ll want to run her fingers through your beard instead of evicting you to the couch to spoon that wet retriever.


We are a small, artisan shop that allows us to innovate quickly and move with trends before they become yesterday’s news. Our scents are expert-tested and constantly updated so they never get old. We handcraft our oils in small batches and specially formulate them for facial hair and skin.

We start with ingredients mostly found in the Carolinas using essential oils designed to soothe, condition, and control. These all-natural ingredients were first used by indigenous tribes here in North America and by ancient civilizations as old as the Phoenicia. We use them to create an exclusive, robust line of grooming products that can be found nowhere else.

Produced in a selection of sexy, masculine scents that are healthy, they contain NO PRESERVATIVES. All are designed to enhance your body’s natural oil production and promote your look with a scent that brings her closer. But please be kind to your dog for Bud’s sake. Put him outside during these discoveries with her. He’s your best friend and there’s just some things your dog cannot un-see.


Whether you favor a hint of five-o’clock shadow that calls for our signature Parrot Head After-Party, or you have a thick beard of epic proportions requiring our fabled Thor, Bud’s Beard Oil products are tough enough to tame and soften the wiliest of whiskers, but gentle enough to calm and maintain the sensitive facial skin underneath that will keep her purring.

Grown long, or kept cropped, Bud’s Beard Oils will keep your beard soft to her touch, and tangle-free so you won't ever have to worry about waking up from a bender, donned with butterfly barrettes cause you couldn’t tame those follicles. Don’t give your dog another reason to never look you in the eye again. Let us help that beard.

Ready, Set, Grow…