Bud’s Beard Oil keeps beards looking their best, promoting growth that is manageable, soft and shiny thanks to an exclusive formulation of essential oils, including jojoba, argan, almond, wheat germ, hemp, grape seed and coconut. As beards grow farther from the oil glands of the face, hair naturally begins to dry out and become brittle. To guard against split ends, breakage and dry, flaky skin, it’s vital to hydrate both the hair and the skin beneath. Entirely non-toxic and hypoallergenic, Bud’s Beard Oil conditions, lubricates and seals moisture into hair follicles and thirsty pores.

To use, pour a dime-sized amount into your palm, then distribute evenly over the fingers of both hands. Rub the oil on the skin under your beard, gently working the product through your mustache and the entire length of your beard. Apply as needed, once daily, or every two or three days depending on climate, water quality and beard length. For extra hold, combine with Bud’s Beard Tamer.

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Bud's Signature
Old Fashioned Barbershop
Winter Frost
Saddle Up
Bare Naked
Citrus & Clove
7 Deadly Sins
Pumpkin Chunkin
Peppermint Patty
Winston (Tobacco)
$22.50 - 1 oz

Which scent?
$45.00 - 2 oz

Which scent?
Your Scentsibility...

Bud was a man’s man and we recreated his favorites in a variety of fresh, masculine scents. Match your own scent between products, or be adventurous and experiment with more than one.

A slap yo’ mama silly tonic that harkens back to the ole straight razor shaves that real men expected. Peppermint will tear up your inner child quicker than your daddy’s tonic and Lavender will soothe you down with the complements of Tea Tree and Vanilla.

Our most popular scent is a refreshing splash of mint with a touch of vanilla. Crisp and clean, it’s like standing on top of a snow-capped mountain facing down the black-diamond trail. While it’s winter-fresh, this frosty formula delivers the ultimate cold snap for the truly cool any time of year. Choose this brisk and bracing scent to send shivers down your spine and your significant others!

We get it, but with blown out flip flops you STILL gotta smell good. Our coconut and grapefruit oil concoction will help her hang on with a cooling wave that says margarita and chill.

When the woods called, Bud oiled his chainsaw like his beard and was ready when she needed the yard done too. Sandlewood penetrates your skin with a forest of Oak Moss, Pine, Cedar and Tea Tree will grab her before you say “flannel.”

Saddle Up:
O.k., cowboy, we know this isn’t your first rodeo. Get a good grip on this warm, leathery scent and no one will ever suggest you’re all hat and no horse. As ideal for wearing on cattle drives as it is taking the turns with the top down settled into luxe leather seats. Ride ‘em!

Bud’s Signature:
When the war was over, Bud kept his guns in the corner and a VDUB Bus in the driveway ready for road tripping. Patchouli and Rosemary tie dyes one on with a finish that’ll take you Truckin’ from Margaritaville to Sugar Magnolia.

Bare Naked:
Remember Woodstock? That’s okay, we don’t either, but Bud’s bare-ass naked memory of it was overpowered by the smell… So to improve it, he keeps this one clean and unscented because sometimes, you want to smell just like you.

To turn your beard into a Norse playground, you need to keep it warm and spicy with hints of Citrus, Amber and Coffee that will fan her desires… you’ll be conquering places that have nothing to do with that missing tv remote.

During the war, Bud was all business and Jojoba oil was the suit. It kept his hair sharp and his guns clean and oiled. So drop the hammer and dress up with this sophisticated, masculine fragrance that penetrates and protects your beard better than a well-oiled M-16.

The Gentlemen:
Once and always a Navy man, Bud thought it was most important to stay fresh during those sea sprayed summer months with a light casual scent that plays up those popular boardwalk summer nights hotter than Elvis in a shag contest.